RTR Plus!

I no longer have to turn down all these Oscar party invitations!  Rent the Runway has PLUS SIZES.  This is great.  So great!  I’ve been wanting this for years.  It’s about damn time!

They are calling it “RTR Plus.” No points for originality but lots of points for convenience and frugal shopping.  No more looking through my Facebook photos and realizing I have worn the same outfit to every formal occasion for the past three years.  Rent the Runway was created so gals with average incomes could afford to wear a different dress to every event.  Now gals with average or above average waistlines can have the same fun!

Check out this Badgley Mischka “Green Light Ahead” gown in green. It retails at $740 but you can get it for a weekend for only $125!


Or this Adrianna Papell “Take Me Out” dress which retails around $200 can be borrowed for $65.


I just want this one in my closet for all the time. I don’t have that many places to wear it but I will wear it around the house every day by myself and make tea and cucumber sandwiches and eat them on the veranda.  Yes, I would build a veranda for this dress. Good news for me, Rent the Runway has a clearance sale about twice a year where merchandise is sold at a discount for you to keep and have tea with forever!

If you use this referral link we can each receive a $20 credit! http://www.renttherunway.com/referral/meegankelleher

Now all I need is a date to hold my purse while I talk to the paparazzi.

You can wear that!

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